Complex Inference Engine

Complex Inference Engine

An inference engine is a tool that applies the rules to the knowledge base.

Complex Inference Engine

Research Grant [Cite as]

Researchers Dr JL Braun; Dr M Sambridge; Prof AJ Gleadow; Dr RW Brown; Prof SY O’Reilly; A/Prof MC Dentith; Dr BR Minty; Prof C Beaumont; Prof WL Griffin

Brief description The project is to build a `Beowulf’ cluster as a platform for solving complex data inference problems in the Earth sciences, and in particular the fields of thermochronology, seismology, crustal and mantle dynamics, and landform evolution. A Beowulf cluster is a network-linked set of commonly available `off-the-shelf’ PC-computers configured to give unprecedented performance/cost ratio. Projects using the Beowulf facility will combine state-of-the-art computational techniques recently developed at ANU, and high quality data sets collected over the past decade to address fundamental questions in the Geosciences.

Funding Amount $190,000

Funding Scheme Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities

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