Digital Health

Digital Health

Health care is a hot bed of innovation.  Software plays an important part in the innovation.  There is software that gives real time feedback on smartphones.  Software that is being used in hospitals across Australia.  Software that give you a translation into many languages for health related conditions.

Digital Monitoring

Sensors and wearables are hot and there will soon be integration to the internet of things.  Wearables, devices that are stuck on the body and implants are all here today.  They allow continuous physiological monitoring, alerts and in many cases real time preventative action. Apple’s smart watch combined with their smart phone has many of these apps.

Your house could monitor your condition and automatically take action if certain conditions are met.

The 2016 CES show was a great example of how hot this space will become.

The event once known as the Consumer Electronics Show, CES, is upon us once again, and once again we’re ringing in the new year with a range of health and fitness device announcements from both established players and new upstarts. We’ve already reported this week on the latest from Fitbit and Withings, as well as Under Armour’s new foray, with HTC, into connected fitness hardware. All that is below, plus many more health and wellness devices that were unveiled at CES this year.

Below you’ll find an app-connected pregnancy test, a non-invasive hemoglobin-sensing device for athletes, a smart bra, and a wearable health product from L’Oreal — not a brand you’d usually associate with connected health. As CES is still ongoing, this list isn’t exhaustive. We’ll update with additional announcements as they come out.

We love the HTC Under Armour collaboration  – the HealthBox.  It is made up of three new devices from Under Armour. UA Band is wristworn activity tracker designed for athletes, UA Heart Rate is a chest strap heart monitor to measure workout intensity and estimate calories burned, and UA Scale is a WiFi weight scale that also measures body fat percentage.


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